Interview de Charlie Winston

En concierto mañana en Barcelona durante el festival LA CRUILLA ( el cantante Charlie Winston contestó a unas preguntas (también disponible en francés en el próximo número de Sans Visa). Antes de leerla les aconsejo poner PLAY.

En concert demain à Barcelone dans le cadre du festival LA CRUILLA ( le chanteur Charlie Winston répond à quelques questions… (ITV aussi disponible en français dans le prochain Sans Visa). Avant de lire l´ITV je vous conseille de mettre PLAY.

Well first of all “nice to meet you” Charlie. How are you?

Very well thank you

Where are you right now (right now= june 2010)?

My apartment in Paris

Here In Barcelona the sun is a little shy today and did not go out too much, you will be here in a few weeks… first concerts in Spain?

No. My band and I played in Spain a month ago, first in Madrid in a club, then we went to WOMAD, in Caseres. It hammered with Rain all night. We did the best ewr could to keep the audience with us

You may have a lot of things to do right now or maybe you want to be relax so I will be try to order my questions…

Influences, your formation… your way of life until now

Well, I have spent a lot of time on the road, like a hobo. I have played a lot of concerts in the past year and a half, mostly in France but this year it has begun to branch out to the rest of Europe

You grew up in a very musical family, isn´t it hard to build your own musical identity without being too much influenced? How was your process?

Not really. I have quite a strong personality and a furious passion to express myself through, not only music, but art in all its manifestations and mediums. My family have only ever been a support of that

Have you first been attracted by the composition?

Yes. Ultimately, I think I am a composer. I have always thought in that way

When did you touch an instrument for the first time? Which was it? What was your feeling?

Singing, I suppose. My parents sung, so I sang with them. When I was eight, they gave me drums for my birthday so you could say that was my first (external) instrument

You have been studied very young and you have already worked in very differents projects from shows or movie´s music as a composer,  to musician and singer.. do you have a music vocation since always?

As I said, my parents were playing music since I was born so the world and influence of music was something that I didn’t even question as being something I could have past of my life. I was always imperative to living

Or can we see you maybe in 10 years expressing as a dancer or an actor?

I’m already doing that – even if it’s just on stage in my show, or in my music videos, I want to incorporate these other arts too. At some point, I would like to focus on them in a more concentrated form too, however

You, your creation and the public

What do you do when you don´t play music?

Read books, watch movies, see friends and family, write, swim, cycle, walk.

What part of Chaplin are you what part of Churchill are you?

Chaplin – the clown

Churchill – the clown

How could you define your music?

In too many ways. I prefer to leave that to the journalists

What are you looking for with your public?

Shepherd’s – not sheep

What is the stronger between creating emotions for the others or living the emotion of creating?


What are your projects for the future?

I will be writing music for film, recording more records as myself and in other projects. I would also like to write for orchestra, act, dance, make art and spend a long time just practising piano, like I did when I was in university.

You know Ben Edwards for a while now, how is the collaboration? Are you complementary in a way?

He is a great musician and friend. He is completely dedicated to his music. He never stops practising something, whether it be harmonica, dulcimar, flute, piano, percussion. He is obsessed.

Bonus : Which song of Ray Charles is your favorite? Do you play chess?

I got a woman

Not much these days but I do love it


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